Getting Started at Saab Seller


Private Parties:

In order to list your auto for sale, you'll need to create an account - it takes just a minute and we only ask for your name and email. You'll create a username and password, and will get an email to verify and start your account. Click that link then log in and start your Saab for Sale post. You'll be able to edit and remove your post as necessary.

A few rules to posting:

1. No links to external sites.

2. All posts are FREE. To have your advertisement listed in the "Featured" section as well as the main page gallery, donate any amount of $5 or more. Just click the "DONATE" button in the left column.

3. Only 6 pictures per post, 400 x 600 maximum size.

4. Only Saabs for Sale, Saab Services, Saab Accessories, or Saab related news or questions will be posted. Any non-Saab related content will be deleted.

That's it! On our end, we promise not to use your email for any purpose other than Saab-Seller official buiness. That means we won't send you advertising or sell your email to anyone else.

 If you want to see your Saabs picture on the home page with a link to your classified, DONATE any amount of $5 or more.


NOTICE: will not proofread or edit your listing. 

Saab-Seller does not validate or verify any seller claims!


Good luck and thanks for visiting


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