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The Saab is a unique car - there's no doubt about that. Such a unique car deserves it's own exclusive selling experience - - where Saab lovers can post their Saab for Sale, look for parts, or recommend their neighborhood Saab mechanic.

From the latest 9-3 or 9-5 Series, back to the 9000's, Saabs and their owners have appreciated the unique styling and inherent safety of this Swedish Automobile. Though Saab Automotive Car Manufacturing may be uncertain, the enthusiasm many people have for their Saabs is in no danger of diminishing. 

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The Future of Saab - going electric?
As those of us who love Saabs know, Saab Automotive filed for Bankruptcy in 12/11 when their deal with a Chinese automaker fell through due to General Motors objections. However, over 30k Saabs were built in their last production year, and the Bankruptcy filing did not affect the Saab Automotive Parts AB division. Genuine Saab parts will continue to be available, as the Parts Division is recommencing in North America (read it here). There are many of these well-built and stylish cars available for purchase.

What could be better than a Saab? an electric Saab, of course! The New owners of Saab aims to launch an electric version of the 9-3 sedan in 2014, primarily aimed at the Chinese market. "We are going to produce the chassis here in Trollhätten (western Sweden) and mount the batteries in China," said Mikael Östlund, a spokesman for the company's new owner, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), told AFP. Read more

Saab rolls out first fleet after bankruptcy

The Saab factory in western Sweden released its first fleet of cars on Monday since the company filed for bankruptcy almost two years ago, with the vehicles produced under new owners Nevs.

According the "The Local - Sweden's news in English" published December 2013, Saab is back in business. You can read the complete article here.

And if you're wondering what became of the Spyker deal to purchase Saab, here's the full story:
Dutch car builder Spyker on Thursday said it will appeal the dismissal of its $3.0 billion claim in a US court against General Motors, which Spyker accuses of deliberately bankrupting Sweden's Saab in 2011.

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